Visiting the HGTV Holiday house at the Mall of America


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HGTV Holiday House on Dreams Restyled

I got to spend the weekend being a mallrat!

I was invited to check out the HGTV pop up showroom and totally adorable life-size gingerbread house replica. Seriously, how flippin’ cute is this little house? It’s like having your own Hansel and Gretel experience, but instead of a scary witch there are totally hot designers.

HGTV Paint brush wreath on Dreams Restyled

Inside the house are examples of how a DIY diva would deck the halls for the holidays. Check out this rad paint brush wreath! Wouldn’t this look fantastic in a craft room? Time to start saving up your nasty old paintbrushes instead of tossing them in the trash and upcycle them into something fab.

HGTV Paint chip wall

Paint chip projects are totally hot this year and this paint chip wall art takes the cake. Kinda has me eyeing my stack of old paint chips in a new light. This would be a super fun project to try with an ombre effect, don’t you think?

HGTV's Sabrina Soto and Melissa Dunlap, Dreams Restyled

HGTV designers were on hand to dish out design advice. Sabrina Soto gave a fantastic presentation and was a doll to meet. And, check out those super stylish pants! Don’t you just love her outfit?

HGTV's Genevieve Gorder and Melissa Dunlap, Dreams Restyled

I’ve been a fan of designer Genevieve Gorder since her Trading Spaces days and it was a treat to meet her in person. Nothing like standing next to a teeny, tiny style maven to help showcase your growing baby bump!

DIY's Nicole Curtis

DIY Diva Nicole Curis was on hand to talk about her show and upcoming projects. She was a super sweetie to talk to — totally felt like you were dishing to your BFF. And, she claims she got her fab circle skirt by dumpster diving! I’m totally eyeing my neighbor’s trash cans in a new light now.HGTV cookie

Check out this little designer gingerbread man! I’m not positive who it’s supposed to be but I’m picturing either hottie David Bromstad or one of the gorgeous Property Brothers. Thoughts?

Zombie gingerbread house

And this is a wee bit random, but I had to include a shot of this zombie gingerbread house that was on display at the hotel. I think it was part of an elementary school design contest. Makes you wonder what kids are learning in school these days, huh? Kinda creepy, yet kinda rad too.

Snow in Minnesota

And alas, it does indeed snow in Minnesota. The forecast was for a chance of showers, but in just a few short hours of snowing, this is what it looked like.

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